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General Frequently Asked E-commerce Shopping Cart Questions

Q : If I already registered a domain name, do I need to register another in order to use your system ?

A : No, you don't have to (if the domain name is not being used for other website). Provide us the domain login, we will assist you to publish the ecommerce website with your registered domain name.

Q : Do you provide training on how to add, edit & update our products ?
A : Definitely yes. We have 2 training centers located in Bandar Perai Jaya (Penang) and Bandar Tasik Selatan (KL). Upon completion of ecommerce websites, we will arrange
a group training.

Q : How much I need to pay for renewal of domain and hosting fees ?
A : Next year renewal is RM400.00 for your e-commerce website (business-class hosting + domain name + GMS mail services + Website Script and Database Warranty Assurance).

Q : Can I ask your designer to follow my favorite website design ?
A : Yes, but this is considered as customized order, not within the 3 published plans any more. We could only follow as close as we can on the homepage layout, not the
backend system. We shall quote you separately for this.

Q : Any limit on the web pages ?
A : Since we are using CMS,there are no limit on pages, you could create unlimited pages if you have more products to sell online.

Q : What is webmail,is it same like email ?
A : EkoWeb also provide you a webmail service, you can use the webmail just like normal email.

Q : How to search for a new domain name ?

A : Please search for a domain name via , then inform us by mail with your company name, your name and telephone & contact address.

Q : How frequent do you guys come down to KL ?
A : Tentatively fixed monthly. However when there are several demands to meet us face-to-face, we can arrange for extra trips. Call 019-4119191 to make appointment.

Q : Can I collect payment from my customers via credit card ?

A : Yes, you can. Our system has been integrated with to accept payment via credit card online. Visit sign up a Paypal account now. You can then get local email and telephone support from Paysult on any Paypal's payment matters.
Paysult is Paypal's Business Consulting Partner for Malaysia.

Q : Can I get Paypal support from Malaysia on any payment related matters?
A : YES, sure. You can get Paypal support via Paysult (Paypal's Business Consulting Partner for Malaysia).
Office :
D-3A-53A, IOI Boulevard,
Bandard Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Official Website :

Important :If you plan to get local support for Paypal, you are required to sign up Paypal account via the following link : .
Follow instruction on the screen. Basically you need to fill up Local Paypal Support form and then click a link to open a Paypal account.

Q : I already have a Paypal account. Can I get local telephone support from Paysult for Paypal's payment matter ?
A : No. The only way to get support from Paysult is to sign up Paypal account via .

Q : Does Paypal charge any fee for each credit card transactions ?
A : Paypal does not charge any fee to your client, but you (the merchant) will have to bear the small transaction fees as follow :
Details were picked from website.

Q : Where, how and when do I claim my money after customer paid it via credit card ?
A : Paypal collects the payment and accumulate it in your Paypal account. You can make withdrawal request online as soon as you receive the payment from your client.
The money will take 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your local bank account (any banks).

Q : Does Paypal charge any fee for money transfer to my local bank account ?
A : Free of charge if amount withdrawn exceeds RM400, else RM3 is chargeable.

Q : How to transfer or receive money from Paypal to my local bank account ?
A : First you need to add your bank account into Paypal. If you have already added your bank account, then skip step 1.

1) To Add your bank account into Paypal :
First login to your paypal account. At "My Account" tab, go to "Profile" -> "Add/Edit Bank Account". Click "Add". Fill in the bank details carefully. For the MEPS code pls refer to the details link provided. Click "Continue" to proceed. After review, click "Add Bank Account" to confirm. That's all.
You may continue to add other bank accounts if any.

2) To withdraw money to your local bank account :
After login, at "My Account" tab go to "Withdraw". Click "Withdraw to your bank account". Type in amount and select the bank to deposit. Click "Continue" and confirm the information. That's All.

Q : Do I need to obtain a Debit Card in order to withdraw money from Paypal ?
A : You can but it is not required now. You can now withdraw direct into any of your local bank accounts, both business or personal (savings or current). It is much faster and free (>RM400). Withdrawal to Debit card will cost you RM20 per transfer.

Q : What is the minimum amount to withdraw from Paypal ?
A : The minimum you can withdraw is RM40. However it is wise to wait until the accumulation exceeds RM400 because it will be free of charge to transfer to local bank account.

Q : Which Paypal account should I sign up - Personal or Business ?
A : If your bank account is a Business account, then sign up Business type. If you only have personal bank account, then choose Personal type.
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