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Shopper Group FAQ

NOTE : This section/feature applies to certain package only. Please refer to our E-commerce plans.

Q1. Can I implement 3 different pricing for 3 different groups of buyers, namely DEALER, MEMBER and normal SHOPPER ?

Yes, simply follow these steps :
1) Create the required shopper groups and set the default discount rate (in %).
2) Assign the user / buyer to one of the Group.

Step 1 : Create the required shopper groups and set the default discount rate (in % or amount)
Go to Product Store -> Shopper Groups -> Add Shopper Group
Group Name : fill in the name of this group example Gold Member.
Price Discount on default Shopper Group (in %) : enter discount percentage. Example type 5 for 5% discount from normal price.
Ignore other parameters. Save.

Step 2 : Assign the user / buyer to one of the Group
Go to Product Store -> Admin -> Users
Click on the Username to be assigned the new Shopper Group. Click on Shopper Information tab, select the proper Shopper Group. Save.
All buyers are assigned as normal shopper by default. So you only have to do this when necessary.

That's all. After that our system will automatically display the correct pricing once the buyer login to purchase. On the front (before login), only the regular Shopper pricing will be displayed.

Q2. For Dealer Group, some of my products may apply the default discount % set during the Shopper Group creation, but some others won't follow
the same discount rate. How do I do that ?

The above Steps 1 and 2 are sufficient to implement a simple discount (in percentage) for a particular shopper Group if all products will apply the same discount rate. If all of your products apply the same discount rate for Dealer, then you don't have to proceed to the following step.

Our system allow you to assign the default discount in percentage during shopper group creation. If you do not give the product another discounted pricing for the same group (for example Dealer Group), then system will apply the default discount rate for all products.

Take for example :
For Dealer Group, you have set default 5% discount from regular price. However you have Product A which you can only assign RM10 discount to Dealer Group, not 5%.

In order to override the default discount on that product (example Product A) only, follow these steps :
Go to Product Store -> Products -> List Products
Click on the product name to open the Edit panel. On the left side menu click on 'Add Price'. Click on 'New' on the top to create a new pricing / discount amount for that
product. Apply these settings :

Product Price (Net) : set the amount (in RM only)
Shopper Group : assign the shopper group to enjoy this rate (example Dealer)
Leave blank for other unused settings.

Save the settings. That's all. This discount rate (in RM) will override the default discount % for that particular product only. All other products will follow the default discount

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