Product / Attributes FAQ

NOTE : This section/feature applies to certain package only. Please refer to our E-commerce plans.

Q1. Can I SIZE or COLOR selection (Attributes) attach to the product ?

Yes. For Colors / Sizes or other Product Attributes, pls follow these steps :
Go to Product Store -> Products -> List Products
Click on the product name to open the product editing panel.
Under 'Product Status' tab, scroll down to look for 'Attribute List'.

'Color' is considered as the attribute named 'Color'. 'Black', 'Red' and other color names are considered as the Property of the 'Color' Attribute.
In order to create 'Color' attribute for this product, type 'Color' in the 'Title' field, type 'Black' as the 1st property .
Click 'add new property' to add another color name like RED, and repeat for BLUE and so on..

Now if you have a new Attribute say 'Size', then click 'add new attribute'.
Repeat the same steps as described above for its properties.

You can have multiple Attributes and Properties for different products. No limit now.

As for the 'Price' column beside each properties, you need to fill in the price to ADD to (+ sign) or SUBTRACT from (- sign) the original pricing only if any of the Attribute's Property requires Increment or Decrement in price on selection. Leave it blank if no price change.

Example :
For Size, you might increase + RM5 to the product if customer select 'XXXL'. So in this case, enter '+5' in the price column beside the property 'XXXL' . Leave blank for the rest.

Q2. Can different products have different Attributes ?
Yes, sure. Each attributes you set in one product, can be totally different from the rest.

Q3. How many different Attributes can I have for each products ?
We do not set any limit. Set as many as you wish.