New Promotion Add On for Your Current E-commerce Shop

Why need promotion for my e-commerce website ?

1) You need some ways to attract new groups of customers in order to grow your online business. Statistics shows that when new and potential customers land on your home page, if they see nothing special -- most will leave within 5 minutes. Believe it, they don't look into product details first even though you may sell high quality products with competitive price !

2) As a newly launched website, great and special promotions are one of the best way to boost the sales !

3) You want to boost sales of a particular products, or encourage sales of old stocks, the "Buy X Product get Y Product at 50% OFF" can help !

What are new customers looking for ?
Any FREE offer ? Any signup free coupon (like ? Got points to earn and can redeem ? Can trust you or not (trust) ?

So, what Add-Ons do you suggest ?

Refer to the table below :-
ADD-ONs Main Features & Functions Selling Price
Advanced Multi Functional Coupon System
Many types of coupons you can create ! Certain Percentage off, Certain Amount off, Bulk Buy discounts, Buy one get the second one 50% off .. Many possiblilities, easy to use. You can create a wide variety of coupons specific to products, customers, collections .. and of course goods shipping / delivery coupons. It is an intelligent discount coupon solution to your e-commerce shop.

Discount Coupon Features
- Create discounts specific to products, categories, customers and collections.
- Create coupon for client to Buy X Get Y Free or 50% Off.
- Optional start and end date of the coupon.
- Optional minimum order total to trigger the coupon.
- Percentage off, Amount off, Bulk Buy discount, Buy one get the second one 50% cheaper...
- Option to exclude existing discounted products from coupon promotions
- Reports - History of Customer Coupon Usage.
- Import function via Excel file – great for creating large number of coupons

Automatic Email Discount Coupon on New Sign Up Give away Free RM10 (or any amount) discount coupon just to open a new free account with you, sounds attractive isn't it ? You can gather potential customers' emails, and send them information on new products or new promotions. They actually need to make purchase in order to use the RM10, so owner still make profits.

This Add-on Plugin will be integrated with the Advanced Coupon system above. It can :-
- Generate automatic coupon emails for new user registration
- Generate automatic coupon emails for orders placed with optional minimum spending

*Require Advanced Multi Functional Coupon System to work.
Accept Groupon Code is a well known place to promote your new products and it's free to join. When a shopper paid Groupon to buy your product at discounted price, your system must be able to recognize specific coupon code given by Groupon and let the shopper order without payment (already paid to Groupon).

Many sellers have to manually handle this -- meaning after shopper orders, he has to SMS or email owner the Groupon code for verification. Owner must then verify the code from the Groupon excel file list and waive the payment for that order. Time consuming, right ?

Now with this Groupon Plugin, it will integrate with the Advanced Coupon System above to accept Groupon codes. When the offer period ends, Groupon will email you the list of paid shoppers together with the authorized Groupon codes. Just paste the codes into Excel sheet and assign the correct product id purchased to each coupon code, import it into system in 1 click, that's all. System will match the codes entered by shopper automatically, and if correct will waive the payment on checkout. You don't have to verify codes and waive payment manually one by one !

What's more ? If the same shopper purchased multiple coupons of your products from Groupon, our system can detect, accept and verify multiple coupon codes at one checkout.

*Require Advanced Multi Functional Coupon System to work.
Shopper Points & Redemption System
(Royalty Program)
"Why Should I buy from you ?" - shopper asks you. You can say "Earn points on the amount spent, accumulate points, then redeem points to waive the new purchase amount." -- Big savings for frequent buyers.

What's more ? If the points is insufficient to waive full purchase amount, shopper can still redeem it and just pay the balance amount. Great ?

Features in Summary :
- Customers earn points from total order amount.
- Shop owner determines :-
- the order amount to point ratio. Example RM10 = 10 points or other ratio.
- the maximum quantity to earn points
- the minimum order amount for earning points
- restore points for deleted or refunded orders
- Points can have an expiration date for each earning activity.
- Shoppers can view available points via their account login.
- Customers can convert their points to "cash for shopping" by filling a field in the "points to cash".
- You can set a points to money ratio different from the order to points ratio. Customers discount their cart just by clicking on the relative cash chip (or knowned as coupon / shopper cash).
- Customers can pay with points or a combination of regular payment method and points. You can, for example, paying an order of RM100 with a shopper cash of RM20 and RM80 by credit card.

*NOTE : This is a Redemption from Points to "Shopping Cash" system. To use the "Shopping Cash", shopper need to make new purchase. Again Shop Owner profits from the new sales !
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